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Obedience Is Better

1 Samuel 15:22
And Samuel said, Has the Lord as much delight in offerings and burned offerings as in the doing of his orders? Truly, to do his pleasure is better than to make offerings, and to give ear to him than the fat of sheep.

With all my heart I believe that we can truly have breakthrough and change in our lives like never before. It’s interesting to me that when God wants me to notice something, he will speak the same message through different vehicles. The things he is revealing to us are the missing links that will bring those changes.

Our obedience to God is more pleasing to him than anything. Sometimes, we would rather make a sacrifice than just obey what God says. This says to God ” Lord, I am smarter than you and my plan is better!”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We get uncomfortable when Gods instruction does not match what we WANT to do. It happens to us all. It’s all worked out in our 5 year plan and God says “burn your plan and follow me”. Those words are enough to make anyone nervous, until we get to know Him.

God is not a liar. He has never cheated and is never wrong….. 100% success rate! You may know this already but we seem to forget it when it comes time to obey. It’s even harder when you have to trust someone else who said “God told me to sell everything we have and move to Africa!”. This is when the wife faints and they have to take her to the emergency room. Lol.

Your step of obedience may not be as drastic as the example I just gave. Regardless of how big or small the instruction given, it’s the obedience that pleases God.

In this year, let us have an ear to hear what God is saying. I also pray that he will give us the grace to obey Him without question. This obedient lifestyle will loose unmeasurable blessings!

Joann Rosario Ministries I Christian Preacher